H 07/10/15

I had initially approached Vek in hopes to supplement my portfolio from what I perceived to be a deficiency in the physique based looks.

What came out of this collaboration exceeded my expectations. We met and discussed my ideas and inspiration. He was able to dissect my requirements and splice in his own creative ideas and integrate them into his process. His artful guidance and ability to capture even the most fleeting expressions really made all the difference. What came out was an excellent blend of utility and artistry. He was able to accurately and efficiently convey his concepts without being overbearing allowing for the shoot to have a very organic flow. What would have normally been a very stressful shoot ended up being a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

In my experience, too much post processing takes away from the feeling of the originals. The post processing work by Vek brought out the subtle details that would have been lost otherwise without taking away from the original intent of the shoot.

I look forward to working more with Vek and his creative process in the future.


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