ADRIENNE 08/12/14

I have always seen the human body as an art form because it is so fascinating to me to see the different things that it is capable of, but to be viewed as the subject of a work of art, especially one so simplistically beautiful, was an honor. Being that I rarely even take pictures of myself, I never really expected for someone to want to include me in a piece of art. I was nervous for the shoot with Vek, but he showed me that his creative process was not solely about the final product but about the process used to achieve it which eased my mind a great deal. He took the time to get to know me prior to shooting which allowed me to feel more comfortable and try to portray the vision in mind. I am more than pleased with the final images since I have never done anything like it, I hope that it may even be one of the events that allows me to invest myself in something in the art field once again.


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