TARYN & GLYNN 06/11/14

It’s very hard to find super talented people here in Atlanta. Not because they don’t exist but it’s almost as if they live underground (Or perhaps I just don’t get out enough).
If Vek, had not approached me in Barnes and Noble with the proposal of us working together, he probably would’ve been another talented artist here in Atlanta that I never met. I was able to pull up his portfolio online during our brief chat in the bookstore, and was really impressed with his work. He told me he graduated from SCAD, and I wasn’t surprised. As a Scad graduate myself, I know that SCAD produces some of the best artists and designers.

Before the shoot, I got acquainted with a few of his associates, and he made me share a few things about my background as well as my personal goals. The conversation ended with me receiving some sound advice and then it was shooting time.

Vek had a particular vision in mind and wanted to shoot me and a girl named Glynn together. We were both thin, with natural hair and the same complexion. Being in Vek’s studio was fun and expressive. He had a great way of directing us both to execute the shots the way he wanted. Some of the poses felt awkward to do but the final images came out absolutely amazing. When I look at the images, they remind me of really rich charcoal drawings that convey femininity and strength. If he asked me to shoot again, I definitely would.


This is my second experience shooting with Vek and I can’t think of another photographer who exhibits more artistic style than he does. He clearly explains his vision and his process; he truly engages his subjects and gives them freedom to improvise within those parameters. He stays true to his artistic expression and I always feel fortunate whenever I have the opportunity to work with him.


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