ASH 04/19/14

When being the only specimen under a microscope, or should I say, camera, the spotlight could draw out a good bit of insecurities. Questions tend to pop up like, “What do they see?" “What do they think?” and “Am I doing it right?” Vek does not leave any room for these thoughts, nor does he tolerate this behavior, for his great intuition and open communication with the model quickly nips it in the bud. His attention to detail, artistic eye, guidance, and encouraging words create a serious yet safe atmosphere where a first-timer could let their guard down and allow their essence to be captured on camera. He said to me, “If you are uncomfortable, insecure, or experiencing diarrhea that day, the photograph will show exactly that.” In that instance, I knew that modeling wasn’t as easy as it looks in the magazines. In fact, the model has to be in a very meditative and introspective state submerged in truth and confidence in order to shine that energy outward for the camera to capture. This work is only a preface; a sketch; an interlude; to what’s to come from my experience working with Vek Neal.


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