ASHLEY 09/13/13

To call myself camera shy is an understatement. I have very big features. Big eyes. Big lips. Long extremities. Therefore, letting someone take pictures of me instantly triggers my instinct to tell any photographer to delete multiple pictures until I am comfortable with an image that I feel reflects who I am. The perfect image of me. However, when shooting with Vek, for a brief moment in time somewhere in between the 1000th shot of the day I found peace. Not the peace you receive after capturing the perfect selfie; rather, the form of peace that overcomes you when you let someone else capture what they believe is the perfect image of you. Letting go of that control and trusting that the person behind that little sophisticated contraption called a camera was a very enriching experience. I am definitely grateful and honored that Vek gave up a little piece of his Sunday morning to shoot with me. I loved it.


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